Congratulations to Hannah, who passed on 15/11/2021. Ian is very patient and so thorough. Really couldn’t have done it without […]
Congratulations to Ivanna, who passed 1st time on 14/10/2021. Ian was very helpful, informative and gave me the confidence to […]
Congratulations to Lucy, who passed on 14/09/2021. Driving with Ian was the highlight of my week, not only the driving […]
Congratulations to Alec, who passed 1st time on 13/07/2021 Learning to drive with Ian was definitely a choice well made, […]
Congratulation to Craig, who passed 1st time on 26/05/2021 My experience with Ian Spencelayh, at Passoon, was an enjoyable learning […]
Congratulations to Marcus, who passed on 27/02/2020
Congratulations to Charlotte who passed on 10/01/2020
Congratulations to Owen who passed on 21/11/2019
Congratulations to Amy, who passed 1st time on 20/11/2019. “Ian was a great driving instructor who I would highly recommend. […]
Congratulations to Johnny who passed on his first time on 18/11/2019