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Georgia Piper PDF Print E-mail

Passed on 09/01/2019.

Savanna Gosden PDF Print E-mail

Passed on 14/12/2018. Ian helped me with my nerves and told me not to give up

Zeba Peruzi PDF Print E-mail

Passed on 20/11/2018. Ian has helped me get over my nerves and been incredibly patient with me. What I loved most about learning to drive with Ian, was that he taught me everything based around me and not the car. My car may change but I will always be me, so what I've learnt will always be relevant. Thank you for all your help.

Congratulations Zeba

Lucy Cripps PDF Print E-mail

Passed 1st time on 16/11/2018. Ian really supported me throughout my lessons.

Kesaia Disaba Koroivuya PDF Print E-mail

Passed on 24/10/2018. Ian is an amazing instructor, he is friendly and brings out

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